Fitness embodies the quality of being capable of performing a particular role or task within the physical AND mental realms of life. Research continues to show that our mental fitness and physical fitness are critically dependent on each other. Therefore, training, check-ups and treatments for our mental health should be just as commonplace as those for our physical health. IPF provides the options for this integrated approach.

The largest factors affecting physical and mental fitness are relationships, diet and exercise. Integrated Personal Fitness provides services to help sustain or improve on each of these factors. We use various methods including Personal Training, Licensed Massage, one-on-one instruction through academic style courses, and Licensed Professional Counseling. img

PERSONAL training

Integrated Personal Fitness (IPF) specializes in fitness sessions in an environment as private as your own home. Considerate, professional attention is provided from a knowledgeable and nationally certified personal trainer with an extensive variety of training gear. Click on the "Learn More" button to learn about the Benefits of IPF Training, Power of IPF Training, IPF Training Services, Aspects of IPF Training and IPF Training Frequently Asked Questions.


licensed counseling

IPF Counseling offers a therapeutic evidence based foundation to counsel individuals and families. As we all know, life can occasionally spring upon us those "peak and valley" experiences that spread across the human emotional spectrum. We provide innovative, creative, quality education regarding the coping skills needed to handle the many stressors and unexpected life events encountered.


Licensed Massage

IPF massages trend more towards a medical massage than a common spa massage. Traditional massage techniques are used along with Neuromuscular Therapy to bring about a wide variety of benefits.

Click the Learn More button to learn about IPF Massage techniques and benefits.


IPF Habits and behavior Transformation Course

The IPF Habits and Behavior Transformation course involves the development of the mental aspects of fitness training; produced using research material and commercial fitness studio applications spanning a period of over 10 years. The course can be in person or via video conference.