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IPF Physical Therapy (PT)

The mission and vision of IPF Physical Therapy is to provide patients with a comfortable, private therapy environment with effective therapy techniques and to serve the community through promoting long term wellness.Our therapists help patients improve their physical capability, manage existing conditions and/or prevent impending conditions so that they will achieve the desired health benefits.

IPF physical therapists examine each individual and develop treatment plans that use therapy techniques to promote the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability. These unique individual treatment plans also integrate each persons goals, helping people improve their fitness and function, avoid surgery, reduce the use of opioids and other drugs, and partner in their own care. The results are an excellent health maintenance program and, when necessary, an effective and efficient recovery from injuries, illnesses, or surgery.

Our physical therapists are movement experts with specialty certifications in orthopedics who treat people of all ages and abilities, helping to improve and maintain function and quality of life. We combine extensive education, clinical experience and the latest research to create treatment plans tailored to a person's specific needs and goals.

At IPF, we diagnose and treat existing health conditions, but we also provide patient education, customized plans of care, and preventative treatments that can help people avoid many health problems before they occur. Privacy and individualized attention are key elements that make IPF Physical Therapy the ideal place for optimal results. One-on-one care is given to all patients at all times.